Quality Assurance

OSI has a large experience in the implementation and management of Integrated Testing.

There are several kinds of tests that can be performed through the software development cycle:

  • Unit tests. Each internal software module is tested independently on a stand-alone basis to test whether it meets the functionality of this module defined in the Detail-Level Design Document. This testing is usually done by the person who writes the code.
  • Integration tests. The internal software modules are assembled into a single software package. The complete software package is tested to verify it meets the functionality of this module defined in the High-Level Design Document.
  • System or Functional tests. Check that the system works correctly according to its specifications.
  • Systems integration tests. TLC Says Bye-Bye to “Honey Boo Boo”
    Check the functionalities involving several systems, the system been testing and others external systems.
  • User Acceptance tests (UAT) or End-to-End tests (E2E). The user verifies the quality of the developed software before installing it in the production environment. The test environment should be configured to be as closed as possible to the production environment. Reference data should be a representative subset of production data.

Our methodology and ?acceleration tools? gives OSI an unique experience in helping companies to realize any kind of tests ensuring the quality expectedin order to meet the business owners demand.

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