How to RightSource?


Onsite, offshore and nearshore delivery options

Rightsourcing evaluates all outsourcing options in order to identify the most advantageous one for delivery. A balance is sought between those applications and processes that can be executed using internal resources and those that call for outsourcing.

Rightsourcing brings the most suitable and optimal combination of onsite, offshore and near-shore delivery capabilities to provide the best TCE (Total Cost of Engagement). While the onsite option allows companies to leverage our expertise at their doorsteps, the offshore option provides benefits of an extended virtual office with round-the-clock support.

ODC base ? our centers.

We offer state-of-the-art offshore development centers (ODCs) with modern physical and IT infrastructure and unfailing connectivity through our 3 ODCs.

A dedicated Offshore Development Center (ODC) relationship model might be the right remedy to realizing your strategic IT objectives.

Having been supporting clients with premium offshore and nearshore software development services, we have gained the cutting-edge technical and functional skills, developed special tools and methodologies for managing custom software development projects in distributed environment.

To respect the client's IPR and to ensure the highest security level, our ODCs are set up and operated in strict compliance with the world's security and protection standards, as well as the client's internal policies regulating personnel, data, infrastructure, facility, and intellectual property handling.

Our delivery capabilities in distributed project management environment are supported with a host of proprietary innovative tools and management systems that facilitate the communication process among the geographically dispersed parties by adding visibility and control over the critical process constituents.

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Benefits of our Rightsourcing approach

  • Selection of most profitable sourcing option
  • Choice of best-suited combination of onsite, offshore and near-shore delivery capabilities
  • Gradual and smooth transition to outsourcing
  • Optimization of costs and outsourcing risks
  • Reduction of failure risk for outsourcing engagements
  • State-of-the-art offshore development centers


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