Innovation Strategy

One of the most common questions we hear from our clients is ?how can we innovate more ?? Most often, companies that say they need to be more innovative are facing a set of larger challenges within the organization. They may have realized that growth has flattened or is threatening to flatten, their revenues have steadied, and the growth business that carried them through the last decade is being threatened by newcomers.

The situation is that many are seeking a quick fix to these challenges. They simply want to find that one new Killing Proposition that will carry them forward for another 10 years. We believe that companies must develop deep innovation capabilities that allow them to repeat this new growth cycle again and again.

OSI has the experience of defining innovation strategies through a balance of approaches and unique talents. Typical missions are:

  • Identification of New Growth Area
  • Innovation Gap Analysis
  • Innovation Portfolio Constitution
  • Creation of new products and new services through disruptive technologies


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