Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management is the end-to-end process in a company which encompasses the management of the flows of materials, information, cash, and work from the supplier?s supplier to the customer?s customer and back. It covers all channels and players within the Supply Chain.

Today, businesses face the challenge of exceeding customer expectations and maximizing profit in a highly competitive, connected environment. Supply Chain solutions are no longer just about reducing costs. They have become a primary driver for improving the competitiveness of an enterprise in the connected economy.

OSI delivers supply chain excellence by creating adaptive supply chains and connecting business partners so that companies can successfully evolve in today's ever-changing market landscape. The Group is a global leader in Supply Chain consulting. The Group offers clients a suite of breakthrough services including Supply Chain Transformation, Sourcing & e-Procurement, Logistics & e-Fulfillment and Adaptive Manufacturing.

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Supply Chain Consulting Approach groups the components of the supply chain as shown below for simplicity and OSI has large experience in each of these parties:

  • Plan (Demand/Supply Planning and Inventory Management)
  • Buy (Sourcing and Supplier Management)
  • Make (Production, Operations)
  • Move (Transportation, Distribution, and Warehousing)
  • Sell (Order Management and Customer Service)
  • Develop (New Product Development as it relates to supply chain)

Performance Measurement, Organization & Behavior, and Information Systems/Technology also directly affect and support the company?s supply chain. These areas must also be thoroughly assessed and evaluated in order to support the supply chain process as whole.