Gap Analysis

OSI has experience in the design, implementation and management of business transformation programs. This includes business design and business process re-engineering and technology integration services for Clients as well as the day-to-day operational management. OSI has acquired a tremendous experience in this field. It is embodied by the group?sOSIM methodology, which capitalizes years of large projects management experience.

OSI?s way is not to force the client in directions they do not want. We listen, understand, and deliver practical solutions for the complex business and technical challenges. Once achieved, we feel this is the beginning of a long-term partnership - our eventual goal.

The challenge facing many of our clients is in how to achieve their business objectives in an ever-changing environment. We often call this a transformational change program. It is transformational because typically the Client is moving from there current state (often called the ?as-is?) to the desired state (called the ?to-be?). It is considered a program and not just a project as it may take a series of phases or projects to accomplish the objectives. These projects will need a linkage together to ensure the synchronisations of the various work-streams into the overall program. This is often done with a program management methodology (see OSIM methodology).

In addition, OSI feels that every program requires a clear understanding of three general work-streams. These include:

  • Business requirements - which provides a mechanism to show ?what? the Client?s requirements are relative to the overall business objectives and how they will be achieved with any potential solution envisioned. This results in a Statement of Specifications (SoS) that are prioritized relative to the business objectives, time and cost.
  • Process and Organization ? which ensure the total solution will work within the Client organization from a practical view point. This practical viewpoint will help refine the requirements (SoS) and technology enablers to ensure the total solution is validated.
  • Technology Ariana Grande: It’s “Cool” If You Call Me a Diva (Just Don’t Say I’m a Bitch)
    ? which provides the enablers to automate the business processes that will in the end achieve the overall business objectives.

Hence to achieve the objectives it is necessary to clearly understand why, what, when and how the program transformational objectives will be achieved. This is why OSI has designed a quick front-end project approach that can clearly ?scope? any program, prior to its launch.

The GAP ANALYSIS project is typically a very intensive project involving the business owners, business operational teams as well as the enabling technology teams. However, it should be clear that the eventual program will be business driven to ensure alignment with the customer?s senior management objectives.