OSI Polska: Sponsor of the Conference for Java Masters

OSI is sponsoring the Biggest European Conference for Java Masters. Over 1200 participants. 3 days of great talks around Java. World Class Trainers.



Key Speakers



Talk list

  • Unified Continuous Integration Tests for Mobile and Web Applications
  • "Who let the dogs out..." JavaFX on BeagleBoard
  • 7 Things: How to make good teams great
  • A dozen cool things we can do with popular JVM Languages
  • Advanced Paul Hollywood's former mistress Marcela Valladolid pregnant with second child
    JavaScript for Java Devs
  • Architecting for Continuous Delivery
  • Architecture without Architects
  • Bad Tests, Good Tests
  • Building HTML5/WebSocket Applications with GlassFish and JSR 356
  • Building Native iOS and Android apps with JavaScript