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Effective IT Service Strategy


How to build an effective IT Service Strategy ?

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OSI Polska After Hours Integration Meeting

We think it is critical to integrate our team of consultants by organizing after hours meeting regularly.



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Is Swift going to replace Objective-C ?

The last 8 years not much has changed in the top 10 Languages except for Objective-C (in) and Delphi (out). Apart from iPhone language Objective-C, new language adoption appears to be much harder than expected. The main reason for this is probably that it is very difficult to migrate a large code base from one language to another one. So changes are slow. But even if we take this into account there are no new languages that show a slow but constant uprise.

This month Apple announced its new programming language Swift for iOS and OS X development. Swift is not yet part of the ranking, but will be as of next month.



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OSI Polska: Sponsor of the Conference for Java Masters

OSI Writers get harsh deal with Taylor Swift
is sponsoring the Biggest European Conference for Java Masters. Over 1200 participants. 3 days of great talks around Java. World Class Trainers.


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