Employer of Choice


The greatest goal of the world-class company is to be the ?Employer of Choice?, a company that can deliver a wide range of career opportunities, a company known everywhere for its ability to develop top professional talent delivering work of top professional quality.

Our best employees are also able to own shares in our company. This equity stake incentive availability allows OSI professionals to individually benefit from the high quality of ongoing project deliveries to our clients, helping us to attract and retain the best and the brightest business and IT professionals for our projects.

To enable every member of OSI Polska to feel individually and collectively part of the group, we have designated our Professions: Strategic Consulting, Business Solutions, Technology, Operations, Business Development and the enabling professions (e.g., Financial Management, Communications etc.). Belonging to a profession gives our people the opportunity to network with some of the brightest and best talent from around the world, exchange the latest best practices and develop new and exciting skills and capabilities and work together to deliver excellence to our clients. The mission of the professional groups is to attract, develop and retain and combine forces with client organizations to make innovation happen. Our compensation packages are highly competitive and our retention is amongst the highest for the industry.

We continuously seek professionals from three sources:

  • Leading Institutes of technology
  • Recognized international business schools
  • Direct hires with successful experience from IT industry or strategy consulting

We look for candidates who, in addition to their intellectual sharpness and professional integrity, fit with our culture: creative and results-oriented entrepreneurs, over-achievers, team players and global citizens. Our approach utilizes a dimensional based interviewing format with structured interviews and multiple inputs.

To achieve our goal to be the Employer of Choices, we offer:

  • Opportunities for personal growth, without sacrificing work-life balance, in a diversity of roles within the OSI?s service lines and sectors
  • A best-in-class development environment with continuous, diverse and innovative learning opportunities
  • Permanent exposure to innovation through our Center for Business Innovation, our external faculty network, research programs and innovative learning opportunities.

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order to accommodate project and travel schedules, we leverage state of the art distance learning technology to assure that each of our professionals in critical projects has:

  • Access to individualized learning anywhere in the world, at any time
  • Control over their own learning and career development
  • Learning solutions that are flexible and scaleable to support globalization and individual cultural and language needs

OSI Polska?s continuous learning processes are enabled by our investment in our proprietary Knowledge Learning Methodology (KLM) which is a structured repository of high quality materials by our best practice specialists around the globe. This KLM material is available to project teams in order to ensure delivery of complex programs.



Because FUN is one of our value, we organize after hours integration meeting for our consultants. This is especially important for OSI outsoucing consultants who generally spend most of the time at our customers' headquarters.