OSI Polska

OSI Polska is the commercial brand of the privately-hold company dedicated to operations in Poland. OSI Polska delivers IT and Consulting Services for both local and international customers willing to leverage innovation or outsource IT Processes (analysis, development, testing, maintenance, delivery management, vendor management) and Competencies.

Our positioning in Poland is clearly to appear as the new champion in IT Services and consequently to hire the best employees. We want to be the Top IT Company recognized for the expertise, flexibility, people management, customer intimacy and unparalleled business approach.

Our headquarter in Poland is located in Warsaw, but the geographical range of our activities is much larger: Warsaw, Wroc³aw, Poznań, Gdańsk, Kraków, Bia³ystok.

Our ambition in Poland is to rapidly become the 500 people company though organic growth and local acquisition after the entry to the local stock exchange.


OSI Polska key objectives:

- To gain the new market

- To build the global resource center

- To support international customers in their local activities


To achieve theses goals:

- We are building partnerships with local players and leading software vendors

- We are intensively recruiting the Best Engineers and Consultants

- We are proposing an innovating motivation systems for our key high potential consultants


OSI Polska's offerings is extremely focused on services related to innovation and business performance:

- Innovation Strategy

- Software & Product Engineering

- Quality Assurance

- Application Management

- Business Analysis & Strategy


- Nearshore


In addition to our functional expertise in Telecom, Finance, Energy and Utilities, we have built the very strong competencies in the large scope of technologies: from programming languages and frameworks (J2EE, .NET, LAMP,...) to business solutions (Siebel, SAP, SAS, Sharepoint,...), data management (Oracle, MS, Informatica,...) and integration.


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methodologies and models have been set-up to support our 3 Service-Oriented Business Units in a secure way in term of resource, delivery and customer management.